Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sim visits 'Go Girls Go for IT' in Australia
Guest Blogger: Annemieke Craig, Australia

The last years of secondary school are important for thinking about what careers students can consider. Declining number of females studying computing at tertiary level indicates that many girls may just not be aware of the opportunities a career in IT can bring - or the important skills they have to bring to this industry. At Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia a 'Go Girls Go for IT' day was recently held for secondary school girls aged 13 - 17. Organized by the VicICT Network for Women the 'Go Girl Go for IT' program, presented an opportunity for the girls to experience the incredible range of vocational avenues that are available in IT.

Sim who had recently arrived in Australia to do her media and marketing campaign for the new SIMS game from EA, made her way to the event. We caught up with SIM at the event and asked her about being invited to appear as the mascot for the event. In her normal manner she smiled and with a little shuffle displayed her enthusiasm for the event. As a DJ, SIM understands the importance of exposing the opportunities in the IT world to girls and was more than happy to assist. Being able to meet over 1500 school girls and their teachers was a highlight of her trip to Australia. Sim is pictured here meeting one of her many admirers.